• ...involves engaging artists, community members, and caregivers in a discussion about how individuals may participate in improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare they receive.

  • Every one of the 312 million people living in the US is a part of the healthcare system—what can individuals do to reduce their impact on healthcare waste and inefficiency?

  • Understand how to improve communication with providers and learn tips for improving the quality of the healthcare you receive.

  • Even small changes can make a BIG difference in improving healthcare—do what you can and don’t feel bad about not being perfect...NO one is!

  • Is it fair to ask for individual participation when top down change is usually far more effective—does it make more sense for the healthcare industry and US government to clean up healthcare?

  • Systems which promote waste and negatively impact healthcare quality should be addressed—many professionals are working hard to improve healthcare. However…

  • Follow Why HealthCare? to learn why improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare is a social cause with remarkable importance, and how you can make a difference!

What is the Why HealthCare? movement...

The goal of Why HealthCare?, its associated blog, and animated series is to explore ways in which individuals may engage in improving the quality and efficiency of the health care they receive. In addition, we will explore the field of health behavior change and examine barriers to living a healthier life in American society.

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Behavior Change


  • Why HealthCare - Flag in Paris
    Why Care?
    Why Should Individuals Care About Their Impact on The Healthcare System? Although publicly there is a great deal...

Chronic Disease


  • Understanding Irrational Behavior
    Understanding Irrational Behavior
    Behavioral economics is a field which attempts to understand human behavior by merging economic and psychological principles. In...

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