The goal of WhyHealthCare?, its associated blog, and animated series is to explore ways in which individuals may engage in improving the quality and efficiency of the health care they receive. In addition, we will explore the field of health behavior change and examine barriers to living a healthier life in American society.

We will also examine behaviors which improve health and health care but do not require a change in lifestyle. Examples include; understanding the role of patients in patient centered care, following appropriate preventive health recommendations, preparing questions for medical appointments, keeping track of medical information, improving communication with physicians- which means identifying barriers to treatment plans and expressing patient concerns as they arise, and helping individuals in your community to do the same.

Improving at any one of these behaviors has the potential to greatly benefit your health, the health of your community, and the sustainability of American healthcare. Also, as we will learn, change at individual and society levels proceeds in stages, and physicians and patients alike would benefit from redefining success in behavioral interventions. Follow along and please share your thoughts and questions.

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